Tuesday, August 5, 2008

i want more...

[No Spoilers]

What a wild and crazy ride...

Breaking Dawn was in my hot little hands by 12:30am Saturday. I zipped home thinking I'd read a chapter or two before I rested up for my all-day reading marathon. "Just another chapter... just one more chapter," I found myself saying until I glanced out the window and realized the sun was coming up. How apropos... Breaking Dawn. I quickly glanced at the clock, 5:17 am. Ouch. I set the book down and stole four hours of sleep.

I raced out of the house by 9:30 with a blanket, pillows and a cooler full of snacks (all my favorite treats, lovingly supplied by The Husband... so sweet). I sacked out under a shady tree at a quiet park near my house and read and read and read. No guilt, no outside interruptions. Heaven. I did have to shuffle around a bit when a thunderstorm hit in the afternoon. I relocated a couple times throughout the day but managed to finish by 12:30 am on Sunday.

Almost a full day of reading and I loved it. The book was more than I even expected. I laughed, I bawled. When I finished I was satisfied but broken-hearted that this series is over. I've never been involved in a series before, it's such an odd feeling to have it wrapped up after so much anticipation. Thank heavens that I still have Midnight Sun to look forward to or I'd be crushed. I can never get enough Edward! And if Stephenie is kind enough to give us some outtakes from Breaking Dawn I will be thrilled.

More... more... more, I'm insatiable.

photo via kristen-s.org


Vi 12s said...

hmmm... i've been debating reading these... i guess maybe i should! ; )

Alissa Nicolau said...

Love that photo of love in the rain - what girl could resist something like that?

I am only on page 525 of the Book. I picked it up at Target on Monday. I am reading it on the slow side wanting to drag it out a bit. Enjoy it since it's the last one.

I was sure surprised to read your post about an Edward book! Awesome! No Jacob monologues! Right??!

What are your plans for the movie release? Coming to New York?

Shaka said...

your reading sounds much more enjoyable. mine has been broken up with feedings and a little three year old chattering in my ear the whole time. i'm not sure i'm getting the full effect!

4 flood gates said...

What a delicious day! I'll have to suggest it to the Hub! Can't believe you finished it in 24 hrs.! Also, can't believe how sweet & thoughtful your Hub was!


lainakay said...

vi - go for it! i'm so jealous for those who get to read it for the first time. delicious! lovely entertainment! it's so fun to fall in love!

alissa - i love that photo, too. oh edward, be still my heart!

i contemplated dragging out my reading but came to terms with my lack of self-control and went for a marathon instead!

oh yes... twilight exclusively from edward's perspective. jacob was such a minor character in twilight, i doubt we'll even hear much about him.

i'd love to see the movie with just the girls...i fear i'll be swooning over robward too much for my husband's taste.

shaka - i do think reading it slowly is a less jarring way to go however chatty toddlers are quite distracting. i've tried to reread some of my favorite parts with the kids around and find myself rereading the same sentence repeatedly. i'm dying to know what you and alissa think of the book overall.

sherri - definitely suggest it to the hub! it was a nice way to read although a bit unsettling as all of the sudden you're done. i miss having more story to look forward to. i miss my cullens...

wasn't the husband so sweet? he knew how long i'd been looking forward to it and also knew that the sooner i finished it, the sooner he'd get his hands on it!

jenalih said...

I'm with you lainakay...I'm a marathon girl...I just don't have the patience to stretch it out if I can find the time to just get it done. I just found, started and finished this series all in one week! I loved it! The fourth book took precedence over everything for just under 24 hours...I could NOT put it down. Of course all the books were that good, but I had other things to deal with when I was reading those.