Monday, June 4, 2007

creative blogging...

Thought this was such a creative idea. Two friends live across the country from each other, 3191 miles apart. They have a blog called 3191 a year of mornings where they each post a photo from their morning. Mav's photos are on the left and Steph's are on the right. Simple but so appealing!

via shelterrific


Kage said...

I do love that idea....thanks for sharing it.

Leslie said...

i love that blog, too.
and ballard.
we should be friends. :)

SHARA said...

this made me cry thinking of my long distance friend. She doesn't have internet last i checked though but i would love to share our lives like this!

lainakay said...

it is a cool blog, isn't it. i've been seeing it featured on lots of blogs the last few days.

kage-- thanks for saying 'hi'- fun to have you stop by since i love reading both your blogs!

leslie-- we really should be friends! i love everything on your blog... you have great taste!

shara-- i keep telling you that you need a blog... just do it!