Wednesday, November 10, 2010

get your holiday craft on...

I don't know about your house, but around here the holidays just aren't quite as festive without a bit of glitter and glue, pom-poms and paint, ribbon and ric-rac. We gotta craft! Right now we're gearing up and can't get enough of the online magazines filled with brilliant ideas, free printables and pretty pictures. So much inspiration... we're eating it up!

I've been perusing Amy's glossy new issue of Inspired Ideas. It's chock full of Christmas craftiness. The darling glittered village above is made with milk cartons and a bit of magic. You know you want to make tiny, sparkly houses. Don't you!? What could be happier? Except maybe a yarn ball wreath or yo-yo trees!

Then I came across Gifted Magazine the other day and immediately fell in love. Pretty galore. Creative tutorials, behind-the-scenes glimpses of artisans preparing their holiday wares and a fabulous gift guide. I'm in love with the achingly beautiful and simple vignette of jars filled with candles and "snow" below (pg 94). Go flip through, you'll find much to love, too.

I'm inspired, now I'm off to straighten my craft table so I can fill it with new bits of crafty goodness. What fills your house with holiday cheer? Are you craft-obsessed, too?


Shaka said...

well, i'm not craft obsessed but i do like the candle jars-that's a craft that's right up my alley! and hey you never helped me figure out how to subscribe to her craft mag. i know i'm a dork but i need help.

laina kay said...

Shaka, I know, those jars... so simple it's almost criminal! I don't subscribe to Amy's craft mag, I just visit her blog regularly and see it when she posts. I'll have to look into how to subscribe.