Monday, November 8, 2010

g is for garden gate...

Phew... it's Monday again! Where did last week go? Hope you had a happy weekend. We had family in town for my nephew's baby blessing. So nice. Anyhoo, time for another coloring page!

Meredith is still happily alphabet hunting and chose the garden gate in her back yard for the letter 'G.' I think she should get extra points for alliteration, don't you?!

Click here for more of Meredith's Alphabet Hunt Coloring Pages.

To print the coloring page now just double click on the image above and select 'print' from your file menu . Or you can right click on the image and choose 'Save Picture As...' to tuck it away in your files for future use. (Don't choose "Print Picture..." from the right click menu unless you want a teeny-tiny version to print in the corner of your paper)

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