Tuesday, June 17, 2008

i caved...

Really late to the Crocs party but I purchased these in khaki for The Boy. He's quite happy about my reluctant submission, so I guess it was worth it. Then I was going to get the alice style for the girls but they were not enchanted with the color selection and wanted some just like their big brother's so... Cotton Candy for Cha-Cha and Pearl for Princess.

Wow though, they really run big. I ordered them online and carefully measured with the size chart provided by Crocs but I still have to return a pair. Also, Pearl is not as pretty as it sounds. It's really just a dull gray. Princess and I were disappointed as we thought they might have a pearlescent sheen. Nope.

I still haven't taken the dive myself, though these caught my eye.


Shaka said...

they will make your life easier this summer-no ties or buckles to worry about.

Barefoot Princess & Family said...

I agree with you... I despised Crocs. They seemed so cheesy and non-supporting, but I caved too. And the reason was simple for me... I could wash them each night and they were perfect for the garden and the beach!
Oh and the sizing is all off!!!