Tuesday, June 10, 2008


So far I've resisted the Crocs craze. I still remember the very first time I saw them a few years ago. A woman was wearing bright red ones with an otherwise fairly chic outfit. Hmmm... I'll just say, not a great first impression. My grandmother would have called them "clodhoppers." They may actually be the definition of "clodhoppers!"

The Boy has asked for some recently and I told him I'd think about. I guess they're okay for nine-year old boys. I don't think flattering is in their vocabulary.

Anyhoo, I have noticed lately that Crocs are available in some more attractive styles. I wonder if they are as comfortable as Croc lovers claim the originals are.

These Sassari style Crocs caught my eye. I'm 5'2", so I'm addicted to heels(if sneakers didn't look ridiculous with a 3" heel I'd be all over them). So a flip flop with a heel could be a good thing. And if they're comfy they could be a very good thing.

And these Alice Crocs would be pretty cute for the girls.

Maybe I'll rethink my Crocs aversion. Chime in. What are your thoughts?

stacked crocs image via piperlime


Shaka said...

i do think that the typical croc has destroyed us-as a fashionable society! they are comfy-the dad has a pair for the yard and i wear them all the time around the house and yard but when i see people wear them to church i cringe!! the new styles are cute though, i've never seen the heals! those could be good! oh, my kids do have a pair each-they are great for the yard-easy on and off for the trampoline and i don't have to tie.

Vi 12s said...

I like the new croc styles... very cute. The crocs are okay but have you seen the news about how they get stuck in escalators?? Not fun or pretty!

4 flood gates said...

I, too, have resisted the craze & still don't quite get it. I've seen other styles as well, but nothing that made me buy any. Then again we are a spending freeze a la the Hub & his new company.

laugh-at-me-Laurel said...

I'm with you. I've never quite caught the croc craze, but I've been tempted to get some for The Snack, they would be so easy, but at the same time they seem kinda like they would be dangerous for a toddler to run around in.

april said...

i unabashedly love my comfy crocs!! (i do have the mary janes and i don't wear them to church, and i am with you on that certain colors - such as red, yellow or purple - should be banned.) i love comfortable shoes and crocs pack quite a punch for that price. (usually i have to go to $80 for that comfort.) i will admit that chaco's sandals have replaced my crocs for the most part. chaco brand supports high arches and since that's what i have, i can't seem to get them off my feet except for sunday.