Friday, January 18, 2008


Finished Eclipse last Saturday and hmmmm... I'm still in an Edward fog. Captivated by this series. Slightly disturbed by my fascination with Edward. Not disturbed enough to need one of these...

but disturbed enough to come across it in my quest for more Edward! Yikes!

These books really got me. Such a surprise, since they're nothing I would have ever expected to be tangled up in. Typically I'm a pretty practical girl. I've never been a fan of fantasy, nevermind vampires of all things. I'm not even particularly a romance reader. Mysteries are more for me. I'm not prone to obsessive fan-dom, I've even been known to chuckle condescendingly at Harry Potter enthusiasts. I don't waste time gushing over beautiful celebrities, yet here I am consumed by this fictional character. Ahhh... Edward, be still my heart.

My sister assures me that this daze will pass, that she was just as preoccupied after finishing the last book, but I'm not so sure... Do I even want it to pass since it's such a nice escape? Ultimately I do, as it's become somewhat time consuming or should I just say consuming. Ahem... here are some of the things I've found in my Twilight pursuits, things that make me unreasonably happy. Maybe they'll make you happy, too -- if you've taken the dive and fallen as hard as I have...

The first chapter of Midnight Sun, Edward's version of Twilight *sigh*

Some outtakes from Stephenie's books... Twilight and New Moon

Playlists from each book... Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse (and a website that's pulled them all up for you to listen to)

The back story of the characters via personal correspondence from the author, herself

Evidence that other adult women are as enamored as I am (possibly even more so)

More details from Stephenie (she's bewitched by Edward, too -- somehow that makes me feel better)

A movie to look forward to (please be true to the book). Edward incarnate. Isn't he beautiful?

Gah! Must. Stop. Is there a twelve-step program for this? Have you ever fallen head-over-heels for a fictional character? Do tell...


april said...

yes, yes, edward draws us all in. i was surprised by how much i liked the series too. i'm sorry, but if you like the twilight series so much, you should give harry potter a try. the books are fabulous. i've never been a fan of fantasy either.

Claire said...

I went through a Twilight fit and read all the ones out so far. Now I'm onto the third Libba Bray book (the first on being a great and Terrble Beauty). I've gone from a vampire fascination to a Kartik fascination. I feel like I'm 13 or something.

laugh-at-me-Laurel said... that you? I knew you really enjoyed reading the books, but what is all this about Edward? I've never known you to be so...obsessed with anything. Maybe I need to move back home and help you through this.

lainakay said...

april - glad he drew you in, too. i think i may give hp a try in the near future. let it be known that i will never "chuckle condescendingly" at a HP fan again, now that i've experienced the enthusiasm of fandom

claire - never heard of libba bray. what are kartiks? amazing how some books can totally captivate you!

laurel - not so sure if it's me. i think i'm heading for the deep end. perhaps you should come home and we can discuss edward and what a tragedy it is that he doesn't truly exist... help me through this!