Tuesday, October 9, 2007

my handy, dandy tip...

Saw this clip on the Today show this morning at the gym. They were talking about those annoying white deodorant marks you sometimes get on dark clothing. They went through a few different tips for removing the marks. I was surprised that they didn't offer this tip as it works like a charm and is so simple.

I just run my lint brush over the white marks a few times and... voila... gone! I have to de-lint my all my dark clothes after putting them on anyway. I'm blonde and I shed like a cat, so there you go, killing two birds with one stone!

Came across the lovely lint brush above on a google search. Check it out here. Much cuter than the one I own and covered so it won't collect all the lint in my purse! What a smart stocking stuffer it would be. (yes, I'm in Christmas shopping mode... it will be here before I know it anyway)


Shaka said...

hmmm, good idea!

april said...

thanks for the idea! i saw a teaser for that spot on the today show, but i didn't get to watch it. i'm glad to have a tip since i have heretofore not known what to do!