Monday, September 17, 2007

hope it was happy!

Yesterday was my sister Laurel's birthday. Wish you were here Laurel! Happy, happy birthday! I know this sentiment is late but hopefully I get brownie points for the big red bow! Enjoy!

photo via paper-source


Laurel said...

You've won me over. Red will always do it. I guess I'll forgive you for your delayed b-day wishes on my 30th b-day!!!!! (can you believe I'm that old!?)

april said...

happy birthday to laurel!! i love her sense of humor. hope she is well in texas. (i believe you listed her blog once, maybe i'll try and look it up.)

are you loving the weather here lately? i'm just in heaven about it. the routines from school have set in and we are all doing well. hope the same is true for you. i was so bad at blogging over the summer that i feel like i lost touch with some of my friends. it't great to be reconnecting again. i do so enjoy your blogs and perspective on things/life.

have a good day.

lainakay said...

laurel - you're not 30! i'm only... or am i? hmmm... maybe you are 30?!? i can't keep track of how old i am, do you really think i'm capable of keeping track of how old anyone else is?

april - i'll send your wishes to laurel or you can say hello at her very own blog! she just started and hasn't posted a lot yet, but we'll convert her yet!

the weather has been fabulous! we've kind of settled into our routines. not as neatly as i would like, but hopefully things will smooth out.

blogging is such a strange attraction. there's so little time for everything and yet it still pulls. thanks for your nice words! i always look forward to your blog posts!