Monday, September 10, 2007

chasing fireflies...

I got a great new catalog in the mail the other day. It's called chasing fireflies and it is full of yummy things! Expensive yummy things, but so fun to dream about! Here are some of my favorites...

Loving the blue bouquet coat above. So classic. Definitely an heirloom piece at $220, but wow... pretty!

Not as classic, but tres hip... the bustle dress. Who else is going to have one of these?

How can you resist these frothy, fluffy prima pettiskirts especially in such delightful colors? I want one... not sure it would look as cute on me, but hey!

They sell these fabulous wooden animals, too. The giraffe is my favorite. (The first link isn't holding up... search 'Holztiger' to see all the cuteness)

If your child is begging for a pony this one is only $900. Hey, no need to worry about food or riding lessons! Very low maintenance!

This plush little piggy is sweet and more wallet-friendly at $24.

The costumes are luxe! How about this little bo peep? And, as if the costume wasn't fabulous enough, the lamb is available to complete the look!

There are great things for boys, too, like this dashing robin hood costume!

Oh, and the baby stuff, and the furniture... alright, enough fantasy shopping for me! Check it out for yourself! Enjoy!


Blue House Mom said...

I received the same catalog and thought the same thing about the clothing...heirlooms, for sure!

Kelly said...

i love this catalog. so many beautful things! mostly for girls though, so i don't feel bad not buying. but if i had a girl, boy i'd be in trouble.!

Lindsey said...

I love that blue coat!! You are, like, the dozenth person to share the goodness of Chasing Fireflies. I think it's time to get a clue and get their catalog!

Barefoot Princess & Family said...

I posted about the same catalog on my blog today and also the blue bouquet coat. How funny!!! Great minds think alike I guess??