Sunday, June 10, 2007

no pictures...

So bummed. We had a great time yesterday at the local Strawberry Festival but I forgot the camera. No pictures of...

  • the girls dolled up for the Little Miss Strawberry contest
  • the kids blowing bubbles and playing together in the rain
  • the kids gobbling up strawberry shortcake
  • our own private hayride - the kids were thrilled that no one else was in line and we got a ride "with just our family"
  • the cousins dancing and playing
  • the girls' delight in petting the baby goat
  • The Boy's "fort" found under a low weeping tree
  • a cool plant that I've never seen before...the coral bell
  • lots of fun with family at a small town fair on a rainy day in June

photo via microsoft

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I will not forgive you for this Ms.LainaKay! No pictures?! I am sad :( -L-