Monday, March 7, 2011

l is for lamp...

Crazy weekend. I waved the white flag. The children laughed. I hid away for a bit and doodled while they continued their siege. There is much carnage on this gray Monday morning. Ah well. I'm posting Meredith's 'L' page and then I'm off to attempt to set things right.

Meredith chose the lamp in the living room for the letter 'L' in her alphabet hunt. She thinks the lamp is pretty and loves when her mother puts flowers on the table with it. This time they're dahlias from her mother's garden. (Apparently it's summer in Meredith's dreamy world!)

Click here for more of Meredith's Alphabet Hunt Coloring Pages.

To print the coloring page now just double click on the image above and select 'print' from your file menu . Or you can right click on the image and choose 'Save Picture As...' to tuck it away in your files for future use. (Don't choose "Print Picture..." from the right click menu unless you want a teeny-tiny version to print in the corner of your paper)

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Alissa Nicolau said...

Laina Kay, I was thinking of you because I am trying to make a header for an etsy shop I want to open with my sister Millie. I am wanting to draw this flower for the header... What software did you use for awesome your coloring pages? I think I've asked you this a million times, but I just can't remember what the answer was! Help!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello, I am an elementary school teacher and I love your coloring pages. Is there any way you could finish the alphabet. I love your work!