Tuesday, November 16, 2010

it's almost time...

Can you believe it? Halfway through November already. (Are you sick of my constant amazement at the passage of time yet? I know I am. If it would start moving a bit slower I'd happily be un-amazed. Let's start a petition.)

It'll be time to pull out those advent calendars before you know it. (Yes, so you can start counting time with treats, there has to be some consolation for it's rapid disappearance, right?) And if you want to make a lovely new one, like this one from Purl Bee, you'd better get crackin'! Like, right now! Isn't it pretty? So cheerful and bright.

And if you're looking for more advent calendar loveliness feel free to peruse the advent calendar countdown that I posted a few years ago. There were quite a few fun crafty ones in the mix that you might still have time to make. Here's a list of the do-it-yourself ones and I've even checked out the old links for you. I'm nice like that sometimes. Enjoy...

a crisp modern advent calendar (sadly the original link no longer works but you can read the directions here - be sure to scroll down)

a cookie sheet countdown (another funky old link but this one seems to work)

a colorful tag calendar (here's an updated link to her inspiration complete with candy)

P.S. I just had to include the image of materials needed for the Purl Bee calendar because... well, just look... so orderly and happy. I can always use a bit of orderly and happy, can't you?


Shaka said...

it's very cute. i have realized though that i avoid the advent calendars because then i would have to fill them... ugh!!

i know such a party pooper

Michael - Innkeeper said...

i have been loving all the amazing advent calenders i've been seeing around the blog world this years. people are so amazingly talented and creative!