Wednesday, September 29, 2010

a little shopping...

Pinky and I had a bit of time to spare after book club the other day.  On our way home we took a scenic detour so that we could wave at the baby cows along the way.  It wasn't quite naptime yet so we decided to stop in at a darling little toy store that was on our path home.

We'd never been in before and oh, what a treat.  We explored every nook and cranny, oohing and ahhing all the way.  Pinky was beside herself with excitement running from one pretty thing to the next.  We spent lots of time ogling a giant display of Calico Critters all decked out for Halloween.  Too cute!  Then we found our favorite thing... a  Melissa and Doug grocery cart.  She squealed happily when she saw it and immediately took it for a stroll. I was impressed with how sturdy it is and adorable, too!  I think this may be on Miss Pinky's Christmas list this year. (I just love when they're little enough that I get to tell Santa what they want) And Pinky and I have a new favorite place to visit along our scenic detour.

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