Wednesday, September 22, 2010

fair fun...

Summer Memory - August 2010

A visit with Shaka's family. Carload night at the country fair. Unlimited-ride wristbands.  Tons of cousin fun!

Pinky's first carnival ride.  Hmm... I think she liked it.

Lots of naughty fair food, of course.

The big girls tried the slide.

Shaka and Thing 4 tried it, too.

Ooh, firetrucks with shiny bells.

And a cute firefighter, too!

A caramel apple coated with coconut for Cha-Cha.  Yum!

Pinky's first corndog.  I think she liked that, too.

Not too many shots of the big boys as they went to ride on the wilder side with Shaka's husband.

The Orange Whip.  A favorite for all, even the big boys.  I think the kids each rode it three or four times.

Around and around and around again.  I'm dizzy just remembering. And I was only watching!

Phew!  We were all beat by the end of the night!  I think we had our fair fun for the year!

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