Friday, August 6, 2010

blueberry baked goodness...

Cha-cha's "smooshy blueberries" of the last post made lovely blueberry baked goods.

First came the blueberry muffins, using this recipe.  And yes, they were "to die for."  A perfect muffin.  Moist, not too sweet, high rounded tops, coated with crunchy, sugary goodness.  Yum.  I froze a cup of blueberries and saved the extra streusel topping (there was lots) so that I can make another batch in a jiffy.  Mmmm... maybe tomorrow morning.

Next came the blueberry crisp using this recipe.  It was good.  Can blueberry crisp be bad?  Not great, but I didn't include the pecans, perhaps that was a mistake since it appears to be a major ingredient.  A generous scoop of vanilla bean icecream made it great.  Next time I'll try it with pecans or perhaps you have a great crisp recipe to share?