Monday, July 12, 2010

remember me?...

Hey there... if anyone's still there!? I'm still around, just crazy busy.  I've finally joined facebook after much reluctance. I guess it's a good way to keep up with lots of people quickly. Well, I figure that if I can post there on occasion, I can stop here and update the blog too (which I actually prefer).

Anyhoo, I'd really like to catch up with photos and such from the past year that I've missed blogging. Perhaps you'll indulge me and let me go back in time for a while. Warning there will be lots of baby, baby photos of my now 16-month old (when did that happen?).

For now though, here are some semi-recent photos. Shots from Memorial Day 2010. I thought it was apropos since I seem to recall falling out of step with the blog after my Memorial Day 2009 post.

Yessir... that's my baby.  Pinky at 14-months, getting ready to watch the parade while noshing on a donut and attempting a wink.

Princess played soccer for the first time this spring and was thrilled to march in the town Memorial Day Parade with the soccer club.

Cha-Cha was an enthusiastic Daisy Scout this year and loved marching with her troop in the Parade.

The Boy adores vintage vehicles and posed for a shot with this beauty.

The blanket was quiet with just Pinky and the Boy to watch the parade with us. We missed the big girls but it was fun to watch them march.

Another shot of Pinky.  Sorry (not really).  Can't resist those delicious cheeks.  She's mine, all mine...


Kim H. said...

Glad to see you in blog world again! Oh, and on!

Alissa Nicolau said...

So nice to have you back!

I can't wait to see some "baby" photos of Pinky!! Roll um on out!

BEN and BRIT said...

I checked your blog practically weekly to see if you updated it, and i'm jumping up and down to see that you finally have! I may be pathetic but pathetically missing my nieces and nephews is what it is. I want to squeeze those cheeks too. You will share her with me when I come visit!