Tuesday, July 20, 2010

pencil and paper...

Pinky adores writing utensils.  Whenever she can get her hands on a pencil, a pen, a marker, a crayon.-- which is far too often in a house full of older siblings -- she makes her mark!  On the walls, the floor, or on herself.  Yikes!

She can frequently be found wandering the house intently scribbling into whatever little notepad she finds lying around.  We joke that she's keeping tabs on everyone.

One of our favorite Pinky stories involves a quick jaunt to a local five-and-dime shop.  You know the type, with various sundries displayed haphazardly throughout the store.  We let Pinky toddle along down the aisles with us, contentedly perusing the wares.  The next thing we knew she was happily jotting away with a pen and notepad, found completely on her own!  What were the chances that she'd find those items within her reach, that quickly, amongst the miscellany?!  Much giggling ensued.  Our little reporter!

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