Monday, February 9, 2009


Mrs. Meyer's Rhubarb scent is my absolute favorite of all her lovely offerings (though I haven't tried Basil yet). Fresh and clean, perfect for spring, which I think is coming at some point! So yummy it makes cleaning chores a bit happier. Anyhoo, it's a seasonal scent that she only offered last spring but you can still get it here and for a great price! I know I'm going to stock up! Put a little spring in your cleaning, try it... I think you'll like it!


Alissa Nicolau said...

What a great idea to help a chore turn into something fun! Thanks for the tip.

p.s. - sorry I've been a lurker and not much of a commenter... I really, really like your choice of a diaper bag! And those papers are incredible!

Thinking of you and your final countdown to your families big day!


Shaka said...

sounds yummy!