Wednesday, January 28, 2009

snow day...

The kids have a snow day today. I love snow days because...

We all slept in and just ate a leisurely breakfast at 10:30 or so. No racing around getting kids on the bus. Delightful.

The kids are giggling and playing happily in the snowy glow below the living room window while I sit here quietly blogging. I glance out every so often to smile at the fresh undisturbed blanket of snow and the softly falling flakes. So peaceful.

I get to hole up in the house, hopefully all day (crossing my fingers for dance classes to be cancelled this afternoon). I think I'll take a hot shower in a bit and change into fresh warm p.j.s. No cabin fever here, this is heaven for my very pregnant self!

I'll send the kids out into the snow to play for a while. They play so nicely out there together now and they can all basically put on their own snow gear or help each other. Snow independence is a wonderful thing.

I'll putter around the warm house while they're out romping in the snow. The teapot will whistle on the stove heating water for cocoa and maybe I'll even pull out the popcorn popper. Buttery popcorn and cocoa... the perfect afternoon snack.

Daddy will maybe come home a little early. He won't be as happy about the snow since he'll have to shovel but he'll come in with rosy cheeks. I'm thinking soup and biscuits for dinner. We'll all read Harry Potter together before putting the kids to bed. A lovely day.

I think I look forward to snow days more than the children do...

photos taken out my window on a snow day last winter (I'm too contentedly lazy to get the camera out today)


gab said...

This post is so much better than the whiny one I'm planning about how I hate the mess and lack of structure thanks to our snow day today.

I will link to people can compare and contrast.

Shaka said...

winter wonderland!!!-my favorite