Friday, December 26, 2008


Some of the holiday hubbub is over. Our Christmas was lovely, hope yours was too! I have a bajillion photos from the last few months that I would love to post but am too frustrated with my aforementioned Blogger problem. All my images flip sideways. Portrait format, landscape format... it doesn't matter, Blogger turns them all on their side. So far I've just resorted to re-saving everything in my Photobucket account and linking to that but it's way too time consuming and I'm running out of bandwidth there. Can anyone help me? I use Microsoft Picture It to edit my photos though I don't think that even matters, they flip even when I don't edit them. I've always edited with this program and never had a problem until this summer. Photos copied from other sites on the web post just fine (see above image).

Aargh! Help!

image via Real Simple Photo Galleries


Alissa Nicolau said...

Merry Christmas!

Have you tried emailing your question to blogger? I bet they would help you figure it out. I've emailed them a few times and they answered right back. What a bummer though. I have really missed your posts. Thought you were caught up in family stuff not photo woes. You had better hurry up and get your problem solved because we want to see sweet baby girl photos from you soon!

Love, love, love to you and a big hello to Shaka! - Alissa

lainakay said...


Merry Christmas to you, too!

It's been both, mostly all the family stuff but it doesn't help when I can't get on and do a quick post when I have a spare moment. Yikes, I still have summer photos that I wanted to blog!

I haven't tried emailing blogger. I thought they'd just send me a canned message and refer me to the help page. I'll try it! Thanks!

Have a wonderful trip and a fun New Years! I'll tell Shaka that you say "hello!"

Take care!

East Meets West said...

That's horrible about your problem. I use the same microsoft program and haven't been having problems, I wish I had some advice for you. Have a great New Year!

merathon said...

i have an idea for you that solved all my blogger problems. download a program called Windows Live Writer and then you post your blog through that program and it publishes to your blog. it is SO much better than posting through the blogger website!