Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I despise the telephone. If there were a way to live in this world without one, I would. Oh, it's a horrible thing... I don't want to answer it when it rings and I want to return calls left on my answering machine even less. Can't win.

Thank goodness for caller i.d.. What would I do without it? I'd either never answer the phone or eek, ack... I'd have to answer every call! Can't bear to waste actual phone time on telemarketers.

Where does this fear and loathing come from? It can't be genetic because my mother can't fathom it. She lives for the phone. Whenever her phone rings she drops anything and everything to answer it. She even has call waiting so she can answer two calls at once. Oh, the horror! Whenever my phone rings, I cringe.

Er, or maybe it could be genetic. I seem to recall my father disappearing whenever the phone rang. Fearful that my mother would sic it on him as she often does. You know, that moment when you, personally, wouldn't answer the phone but someone else does and forces your hand by passing the call on to you? That would be the reason I haven't authorized my children to answer the phone yet. I have taught them to read the caller i.d. well.

What's wrong with me? I like the people calling, typically, I'd love to talk to them in person but just not on the phone!

I'm terrible about making calls for appointments, etc., too. Hence, the extended amount of time I go between haircuts and the reason I make doctor appointments for my children a year in advance.

I'm realizing lately that I'm not completely alone in my madness...

The Pioneer Woman confesses her phone aversion (be sure to read the comments -- wish I were as honest and forthcoming as Candice #17)

The ever-hilarious Navel Gazer names her nemesis

How about you? Are you in the just-answer-the-darn-phone camp or the pray-that-it-never-rings camp?

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Shaka said...

i am a bit in the middle. it depends on my mood. but i am horrible about calling to make appointments

laugh-at-me-Laurel said...

Oh I HATE talking on the phone! Well, I hate chatting on the phone. It's nice every once in a while to catch up with people, but enough time has to pass between calls to make it a real catch up. I don't mind purposefull calls like making appointments and stuff...though I still do procrastinate those.

april said...

i wish i was more like you. i've had to fight the feeling that "i have to answer the phone." but i've gotten better over the years and can now ignore it when i need to (i hate when i'm waiting for a dr's call back.) i don't have caller i.d., but have learned to only give my cell phone to a select few, so i feel if it's really an important call, they can call my cell phone next (i.e. my son's school nurse). i do feel bad for people with work cell phones. those seem like dog leashes to me; really there should be some sacred time/place where you can't be reached.