Friday, June 20, 2008

last day...

The kids celebrated their last day of school on Wednesday. The past couple weeks have been uber busy with field trips, fun days and general craziness.

Gotta love all that excitement but yeesh my house is trashed and now they're ALL home, ALL day and I wonder if there's any hope of tidiness in the near future. Yikes!

Here's a shot of Princess and The Boy with their beloved Mrs. B's. Both were AMAZING teachers and will be sincerely missed. No "dirty looks" from them! I'm crossing my fingers for Cha-Cha to get both of them when her time comes!

Princess' class had a fun carnival complete with water squirters for spraying their teachers, tattoos and tiaras. She was pretty excited about this but probably just as excited when Mrs. B. let the class "help" pack up for next year! The girl loves organizing (a child after my own heart).

The boy had a great day, too. So thrilled to be free! Let's face it, his idea of fun is holing up in his room with Legos for hours on end and splashing in the pool with siblings, cousins and friends. Neither event occurs at school, 'nuff said.

I think their wake-up styles on the last day are very indicative of their personalities. The boy was up at the crack of dawn exclaiming "It's the last day, it's the last day!" It must be noted that on typical school days I have to draaaaaag him out of bed, literally. Princess woke up late whimpering "I don't want it to be the last day...*sniffle*" Really, could they be any more different?


april said...

i do like that polar opposite reaction to the last day of school. it's fun how different your children can be. glad they had good years at school.

Alissa Nicolau said...

Hi - I like the music that you chose for your mix tape! Thanks for the comment on my blog re the crop photo. It wasn't cropped tho. I staged the cars and asked my son to sit next to them. Then I shot the photo from a low angle. Pretty simple.

We've met. Don't know if you realize that I am a friend of Shaka's from Church. My son was the one boy at Thing 3's b-day bash licking the frosting off as many cup cakes as fast as he could.

Was going to say hello to you there but chickened out! Sorry. Hope to get to know you better through our blogs.

lainakay said...

alissa - hey! it's a small world, huh!? it is kind of surreal meeting people from the blog world, eh? it took me a long time before i even told friends about my blog. it's like a separate world.

thanks for the photo info. i guess i didn't mean cropping, as in photoshop cropping. i love how you're not afraid to take that car picture without centering a smiling face. so much more interesting the way you did it. i never thought i'd love photos with people's heads outside the image but i do! though i love shots of your little guy's cute face, too. he's a doll!

LaughAtMe-Laurel said...

LOVE the different reactions to the last day!

Soooo...are you ready for the summer!!!??? (and the kids being home all day) ;)

Shaka said...

hooray! school is out! we are almost there!!
poor princess though! she'll have a fun summer and be happy to go back to school!