Tuesday, March 25, 2008

belated bunnies...

Isn't this bunny sweet? Reminds me of these bunnies that I made last year. Would've been more apropos to post him a few days ago but alas, this is the way things went Easter-wise this year... a little behind.

I know I've already whined about how early it was this year. It was quite early, in fact I learned that the last time it was so early was in 1913 and it won't be as early again until 2228! Oddly, I am comforted by this fact. Hopefully, never again in my lifetime will I be as unprepared for Easter as I was this year.

The Husband was away for two weeks before Easter so I blame him, as well as the calendar, for my holiday woes. It's difficult to shop for surprise Easter goodies with the intended recipients in tow. Try hiding jelly beans and pastel paraphernalia from a four-year old as you attempt to stroll nonchalantly through Target (four-year olds do not actually stroll, by the way). Do you have any idea how picked over the Easter selections are by Good Friday? By Good Friday Target's already got the Back-to-School displays up! Yes, I jest but...slim pickings, people, slim pickings.

Ah yes, you say, shop the internet. I did try that. I adore ordering via the internet though it's certainly losing it's appeal as items I've ordered for the last three holidays have been inexplicably detained. The girls' Easter gifts still have not arrived as of this morning. Hmmm... 5-7 day shipping is just not what it used to be. Mama scrambled and the girls got Easter goodies in their baskets but not what was intended.

Bought the wrong size Spring pants for the boy on my only shopping day, Good Friday, and didn't have time to exchange them. Do you think anyone noticed that his tan slacks from last year were a couple inches too short? I did, all day.

Ran out of time before church to take photos of the kids in their Easter finery (waist up, for the boy) and forgot, in the hustle and bustle of the rest of the day, to do it.

Found out late in the afternoon on Sunday that my father was home alone for Easter, a mile from my house, when I thought he was going to be at my brother's for the holiday.

Had a woman ask me at church if I was pregnant (darn empire waists!) and upon receiving my emphatic "no," proceed to tell me that the dots on my dress were going to give her a seizure.

We didn't even color Easter eggs this year... I think that is a first for me... ever!

Ay-yay-yay... I could go on and on. It was a lovely day and I know it's not about the trappings but it certainly is easier to concentrate on the spiritual aspects when the trappings fall into place.

Bunnies, cute bunnies... that's where this nasty tangent started. Yes, next year I'll post bunnies before Easter...


gab said...

Wow. Nothing like being asked when you are due to sink SS Self-Esteem! That lady sounds weird anyway...

Blue House Mom said...

Early Easter threw me off, too. Empire waist...ouch. I didn't think people even asked that question anymore. Sounds like she doesn't know about keeping your mouth closed when you don't have anything nice to say.

jenalih said...

I think it threw most everyone off to have Easter so early, it did for me. I forgot to get pictures too...one of these days I will remember on the actual holiday...maybe. ;)