Friday, February 29, 2008

decisions, decisions...

Just borrowed this from the library. I know, can you believe it, I've never read it? Crazy, huh?

Now though, I'm trying to decide... should I read it first or watch the movies first? I know, can you believe it, I've never seen the movies either!?

Will I be disappointed with the movies if I read it first? We all know, books are always better than the movie. Or is it better to know the whole story before venturing into the movie?

Okay then, which movie is your favorite? The A&E version, the Keira Knightley version or the Classic version?

Oh, the dilemmas I face...


Claire said...

Oooh - I'm a strict read the book firster whenever possible. And definitely watch the A & E Colin Firth version. Its so close to the book and Colin Firth is the perfect Mr. Darcy and Jennifer Ehle is Elizabeth. So freaking good! I'm excited for you.

Leslie said...

jane austen novels make GREAT movies that's all there is to it. my favorite is actually sense & sensibility, i just love the characters so much.
as far as p&p goes, i'm not a HUGE fan of the BBC version, mostly because i rarely have that much time to watch tv. i feel like it's a waste of time. i loved the keira knightley version, although there are a few discrepancies with the story.
i say, read it first, then watch the KK version, then the BBC if you get the flu and have nothing to do.

i hope i don't incur wrath . . . :)

Cafe Johnsonia said...

Ah! I was just going to blog about this very same thing last night!

So, I've never read the entire book either. I've started it many times. But, I've heard from die-hard fans that the Jennifer Ehle version is almost word for word like the book.

I am SO undecided about which one I like better. I was wondering this last night as I watched Colin Firth look lovingly at Jennifer Ehle.

I LOVE the other one (minus Keira--why does she have to do that thing with her mouth???). And the cinematography is stunning.

I'm such a fence sitter. They are each my favorite while I'm watching them. They are both great in different ways.

Go with A&E first, then the other one. Then tell me what you think!

laugh-at-me-Laurel said...

Hmm...I've never read the book either! Gheesh, I feel like a slacker. But for the book first, then you can develop your own vision of what things look like etc.

As far as the movies go, I've only seen the A&E version but that's because I've heard it's the best. I think Nat has it...?? Not positive, but if not, try the library.

april said...

definitely the book first! i think pride and prejudice is a true masterpiece as well as jane austen's own masterpiece (although i will admit i've only seen the move from sense and sensibility). in full disclosure, i read the book after seeing the BBC production and still loved the book, so maybe it doesn't matter. i do like both movies - each one has their strengths. bottom line, you can't go wrong no matter how you do it. they're all so fantastic.

4 flood gates said...

Ok, so I guess not all PBS stations are showing Jane Austen's works for 10 weeks, like out here in Seattle. Tonight I finished watching the Colin Firth version & it's just so good! Loved it! Although, it was tortuous to have them break it up into 3 weeks in a row! I haven't read the book, either.