Tuesday, December 18, 2007

advent calendar #18...

Is it really the 18th already?! So much to do still, so much to do!

This dollhouse advent calendar is sweet. The girls would love it. Pretty how it folds open like it does. So fun to peek into all the little rooms and see how the family is getting ready for Christmas!


april said...

hey, laina! i just wanted to say how much i'm loving all your advent calendar suggestions. haven't had the time to make any of them, but i'm thinking about what i want for next year.

i gave your mom your blogspot address the other week. she'll enjoy laurel's recent post i'm sure. hey, and if you ever want to add my name to your sidebar you can, i realize i was being a little silly earlier.

hope your holidays are going well. i'm in cranking out all the handmade gifts that i decided to make mode. let's hope i make it!

gab said...

Wow. You find the greatest stuff...too bad we can't go shopping!