Friday, November 2, 2007

halloween boo hoo...

Can't post photos of the kids' Halloween costumes this year. The Husband dropped the camera and alas, it's broken. It happened the night before Halloween on the way home from our church Halloween party. I think I may have one shot from the Halloween party if I can still get it to download, we'll see.

Anyway, here are some "fab" shots from years past. I'm realizing that we never really get good pictures at Halloween. Too busy, too much chaos. We seem to only have one or two shots from each year, none of them great.

I can't seem to locate any photos from my favorite Halloween. I need to go through my stacks of paper photos and scan some. Maybe someday!

This is Halloween 2004. The Husband and I were entomologists. He's turning around to show the shirt we designed. I think it said "Bugs r Us Entomology - specializing in the study of the cutest bugs." The boy was a big green caterpillar. His request to be this was the catalyst for all of our costumes. Princess was a bee but insisted on being a "Princess Bee," not a regular bee, not a queen bee... a princess bee requiring that a crown be added to her costume! Cha-Cha, geesh she was so little I barely remember her that way, was a little ladybug that clung to my side. So sweet.

Halloween 2005. I'd forgotten that the Husband and I didn't dress up that year. That was the first time since we had children that we didn't join the fun. I recall spending hours online searching for the perfect Queen and King attire with little success. I finally gave up and the children went as their own mini royal court. The Boy as Knight. Princess as, well, a Princess (surprise,surprise). And Cha-Cha as a sweet little jester who wouldn't wear her cute hood, the best part of the costume, for any amount of cajoling. This shot was taken in my mother-in-law's kitchen, that's her hand holding onto Cha-Cha. Photography at it's finest!

And here we are Halloween 2006. The only photo I have of last year. So sad. Cowboys and and a little Indian. How tired do those little ones look? That's Halloween for you. Late nights, too much sugar, parties here, parties there! Oi! Gotta love that face on Cha-Cha... personality all the way!

Well, we had a pretty good Halloween this year. It was the first year without a theme. The Boy wanted to be a "Motorcycle Man" and the girls were Woodland Fairies. Couldn't find a way to tie those together! The Husband and I were just too tired and too busy to dress up this year. Oh well, there's always next year... when we'll be less tired and less busy, right!?


Lindsey said...

I'm so sad about your camera!!!

But, it's fun to see old photos, too.

(p.s. I was thinking of you. We still need to get together!)

Stie: My Favorite Things said...

That is very sad about the camera. Oh, those kinds of wounds cut deep, I tell ya.

Loved the ghosts of halloween past. Very cute!

gab said...

I am so impressed when families do a whole theme costume! Loved the photos!!!

marta said...

wow. what a plethora of pictures from your past halloweens! i love the tied together costumes. you are one creative mama! way to go.

good luck with the camera shopping.

Shaka said...

you guys always have great costumes-where's the pirates ones?

lainakay said...

lindsey - me, too. thanks! i would love to get together. let's figure out a way! i'm dying for a girl's lunch or something!

stie - yes, sad, especially since it was the second one in about six months!

gab - themes are fun but i think our theme days are over (sniff). taking your advice to post a picture of myself... scary!

marta - so nice... thanks!

shaka - you rock at the costume thing, too! i was surprised how few photos were on my computer. i've got to dig up the pirates, and my favorite - cat in the hat, teddy bears, candy corn. sometime... maybe for next halloween!