Friday, October 19, 2007

heritage day...

More photos from a weekend past. I'm a bit slow with uploading photos and then sorting them. I take too many (thank goodness for digital), so the task is a bit daunting and takes a while to get to.

Anyway, these photos are from our town Heritage Day a couple weekends ago. It was the first weekend in October and it was about 90 degrees outside. Crazy!

The festival is held on Old Main Street, one of my favorite places in the whole world. Most of the activities take place in a field on a sheep farm. It is so picturesque, with it's beautiful old red barns and shady trees.

The festivities include house tours, hayrides, Revolutionary War demonstrations, blacksmithing, old-fashioned crafts for the kids, antique displays, face-painting, pony rides, and all good stuff like that. I love it, it's quaint, it's fun, it's educational... makes me happy!

The kids posed for these dress-up photos. Loved the the way these were painted, so nicely done! (click on photo to view a bit larger)

A shot of the girls waiting for their pony ride... love that weathered old fence!

Free pony rides for the girls, on the tiniest, cutest little ponies! And how about that 12-year old boy, so dedicated to his character that he donned leather and fur in the sweltering heat?

The girls adore having their faces painted... butterflies and kitty-cats, of course!

The Boy and Princess were loving the antique drills and how fun to check out an antique car, up close and personal (though they weren't thrilled about stopping to have a picture taken).

I didn't get any good shots of the Revolutionary War demonstrations. It was very interesting, horses and muskets, sword fights and shooting. Some very complicated maneuvering. I was surprised that the soldiers didn't pass out in those layers of costume.

Love the puffy clouds, trees and red barn against that impossibly blue autumn sky!

Evidence that Cha-Cha can be pouty and disgruntled even while enjoying ice cream!

Some of the sheep still hanging out.


Shaka said...

looks like a fun day!

hedda said...

I'm saying "HELLO"!!! ( c : lol.. wow... your page is intimidating.. I've been wanting to make my own page.. but when I look at yours... I don't feel like I have the ability.. lol.. one of these days.. ( c : .. when I actually find a moment to breath... I will breathe that breath into a blog of my own.. ( c : So.."heritage day" looked like fun.. ( c : laters.

gab said...

great should post one of yourself once in a while!

Blue House Mom said...

It looks like it was a wonderful day. I find myself getting overwhelmed with digital photos, many photos to download and edit. Takes more time than I'd like to commit to the process. So feel free to take your own sweet time with this!

lainakay said...

shaka - it is! you should move here and join us some time : ) no, you cannot come unless you actually move here!

hedda - my page is pretty simple, it just takes a little trial and error and some help from a nice fellow blogger. let me know if i can share the love and be that for you when you start yours!

gab - thanks! hmm... yeah, i should huh? the only problem is that out of my thousands of photos there are possibly five shots of me. taken by the husband or small children, basically booty shots (thanks honey) or shots up the nose (thanks kids)! i am aware that i need to remedy this. my sister and i joke that our children will someday either think that that's how we always looked or that we never went anywhere with them! i promise i'll get out from BEHIND the camera one of these days and post a shot of myself...

blue house mom - it is a fun day. scary thing is that i wish i had taken MORE photos. i realize many of the photo ops that i missed as i download and edit! anyway, glad to know i'm not the only one dreading all the downloading and editing!