Thursday, September 27, 2007

small hands...

I got the neatest catalog in the mail the other day. It's a family resource catalog from a Montessori school supply company. I'm not sure how I received it since we are not involved in Montessori schooling but I'm loving it!

I've always heard of Montessori schools but had never looked into what they were. Apparently, the concept is that children can teach themselves with an emphasis on learning through all five senses. You can read more about it here.

Hands-on learning... works for me and I love all the products they sell to implement this. Today I'm loving the tot-sized household tools. I adore all things miniature and when they're sturdily made, like the real thing, I can't resist!

This little glass pitcher is sweet.

And, get them juicing their own oranges to fill the pitcher, with this little glass juicer.

Or, get them sweeping with this functional itty-bitty broom.

Then pull out the mini mop and the smaller-than-life-but-ever-so-real dual purpose bucket for a good floor washing!

And, since I don't do windows, maybe my kids can with this nifty window washing activity set. Gotta love it, especially since window washing has now been elevated to "activity" status!

Now, move on outside and get those leaves raked with a little help from the kiddos sporting geniune children's leaf rakes. Do you think they'll rake the leaves rather than scatter them if they have little rakes that look like Daddy's?

Some more "help" for Daddy with this comprehensive tool set! The Boy already has a similar one from Home Depot but it doesn't have a little drill or a real saw. A little working drill... ahh heaven... for an 8-year old boy... not his parents who would surely find little holes drilled in every piece of wood in the garage!

Must have the tiny, genuine leather work gloves, too!

Okay, there's so much more. Like the itty-bitty non-stick safe spatulas or the teensy potato masher or the perfectly miniature hand mixer. Go see for yourself! Who knows... maybe all these kiddy- sized tools would sweeten the deal when trying to get the kiddos to help out more!

P.S. The Boy just walked by the computer while I was typing and spotted that drill. How he did that, from a mile away as I quickly tried to scroll away from the post, I can only guess. He shrieked, "I want that drill!" I didn't even think it was that recognizable at a glance, hmm... he knows his stuff! Dangerous posting possible Christmas gift ideas while the kids are around!


gab said...

Sooooo cute! My kids' favorite toys are things that "grown ups" use. Love the Montessori philosophy...

L&H&Q said...

We're huge Montessori believers. Definitely look into it. It is an excellent and happy way to experience childhood.

Shaka said...

this catalog looks like fun-can you send one to a friend?

lainakay said...

gab - me, too!

l&h&q - i'm certainly interested in learning more. there are a couple of books in the catalog that look good!

shaka - i'll see... you probably can request one on the website, too.