Sunday, August 19, 2007


Yep, finished Twilight already! I bought it on Friday night and finished it in the wee hours of Sunday morning. I found myself picking it up repeatedly all day Saturday... just one more chapter. It was an unexpectedly delightful balance of dark and delicious!

It's a young adult novel so I didn't have any expectations of life changing insights. Truly, I doubted that I would like it at all. Vampires? Not something I've ever been interested in. What I did find was a very entertaining story, fun to read. The intensity of the main characters' relationship was palpable. I really got sucked in, obviously. I guess I know what my next read will be!

photo is the cover of the German version of Twilight... find out more here

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Laurel said...

Funny thing Laina...I had no desire to read a Vampire book when I first heard of it, and I didn't even notice that you were reading Twilight until just now. My mother in law handed it to me when we arrived and said I should read it on our I'm in the process. It's good so far!