Thursday, July 19, 2007

we love watermelon...

One of our all-time favorite fruits is watermelon, second only to strawberries. Maybe not even second... too close to call! During the summer there is perpetually a watermelon kicking around the kitchen somewhere, usually chopped up into cubes chilling in the fridge for quick snacks and side dishes. Watermelon is unanimously popular 'round here, that can't be said for many foods these days.

For years I thought of watermelon as just a cool, watery treat and wasn't aware of it's many nutritional bonuses. Once I found out it became a summer staple that I allow the kids to eat morning, noon and night! Did you know that it is a great source of iron, comparable even to spinach!? And now they are saying that watermelon is loaded with lycopene, with higher amounts than any other fresh fruit or vegetable. It's low calorie, fat-free and filling, for me!

I found lots of great recipes while I was surfing around looking for watermelon links. I'm definitely going to try these two...

Cucumber and Watermelon Salad

Watermelon Blaster

Lots more yummy recipes at Martha Stewart's site! Check out for some fun carving ideas(gotta see the peacock), and for more information and recipes! Happy eating!

photos via microsoft and martha stewart


gab said...

delicious and so beautiful!

Shaka said...

what the kids don't know truly won't hurt them!