Wednesday, June 20, 2007


So much going on in the last week or so. Here's the rundown...

The Boy got baptized on Friday! He decided at the last minute to be baptized on the same night as a friend of his so there was some frantic planning to be done! Invitations to be sent, arrangements to be made, flowers and food to be purchased, programs to be designed. Thank goodness the other family graciously divided the planning and errand running with us. It all worked out beautifully in the end. Princess and Cha-Cha even sang a musical number with two older girls. The Boy is happy and all is well.

Saturday and Sunday we recuperated and worked on plans for Father's Day and End-of-the-School-Year arrangements amidst our regular weekend responsibilities. We (mostly I) made homemade goodies for Father's Day gifts. I made Lindsey's lovely Frozen Coconut Key Lime Tart for the Father-in-Law. Delicious! Ina's marvelous Macaroons for my Dad. Yummy! And The Husband's favorite Apple, Grape, Yogurt Salad with Homemade Candied Almonds. Good stuff. The Husband also got breakfast in bed, Blueberry Muffins and Pink Grapefruit with Strawberries. This probably doesn't seem like much to many of the cooking afficionados out there but for me... let's just say I can julienne, I can chiffonade, I can make a roux but I SPECIALIZE in WATCHING other people cook!

Monday was the culmination of End-of-the-Year party planning for school. I was co-roommother for The Boy's class this year so the other mother and I spent lots of time planning, shopping and organizing for this chaotic party scheduled for the last day of school. Monday was spent packing and putting together all the favors, prizes and games. Got the class gift wrapped up for The Boys class (turned out great, by the way, I definitely recommend Snapfish's memory books). Got all my kids' gifts wrapped and notes written for the teachers, aides and busdrivers.

Tuesday was party day and I ran non-stop from 6:30am until just after school let out at 1:45pm. Helped with Princess' class party. So cute... can't believe she's done with kindergarten! Then dove right into The Boys party. I was just so relieved when it was over! Wrangling 23 eight-year olds for multiple outdoor activities, when they're hopped up on End-of-the-Year adrenaline... exhausting! God bless teachers!

Okay... so now it's slowing down a bit. We've got lots of unpacking and putting away to do and then dentist appointments, a court appearance (just a speeding ticket), birthday parties, trips to the pool, dinner-club planning and a day trip to Rhode Island on the agenda for the rest of the week. Is today already Wednesday?!? No real rest for the weary but at least it feels manageable! Wish me luck in court (ugh)!

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Lindsey said...

Wow. You are SO busy!

I'm glad the tart turned out.

Wow again! I am ashamed that I did nothing--NOTHING--for Father's Day.