Friday, May 11, 2007


I love silhouettes. So pretty, so simple. I found Simply Silhouettes online a while back. I put them in my list of things to blog about but had been waiting to write about them. Then yesterday a friend of mine emailed me about their site. I guess she knew I would enjoy their pretty things and I do! I think you will, too!

They will custom make a beautiful classic silhouette on canvas like the one above or how about a fun one like this...
I would love these of each of my children lined up in a row down a hallway or in their bedrooms.

They will put your custom silhouette(s) on stationery, too. I especially like the idea of these bookplates.

What a lovely gift they would be for first holy communions, baptisms or bat mitzvahs or anything around that age when children are just starting to really collect books specific to their interests.
Really, lovely gifts for anyone.

And if you'd like to try your hand at making your own silhouette, Twilite Moon has a nice tutorial here.

And check out these amazing pirolettes I saw on Simply Silhouettes' great blog. There are lots more silhouette ideas there, too.



ASF said...

Hello! Thanks for mentioning us. Your site is wonderful! I'll definitely be back.

Lindsey said...

I love those silhouettes. So pretty. I have been wanting to do that for my kids for so long, but I have never gotten around to it. Maybe it's time!

Leslie said...

i love silhouettes, too. i posted about land of nod's offerings on my blog. way cute, also!

lainakay said...

asf--love your site and your blog! glad you like mine, too! thanks for saying 'hello!'
lindsey--i've got to get some done for my kids, too... while they still have round cheeks and pert little noses... oh and those yummy little chins!
leslie--love those silhouettes on land of nod, too! i've been ogling them for some time. i just want to switch the boy's background for the girl's background... love the branches and leaves!