Monday, May 21, 2007

hyacinths beware...

A photo of Cha-Cha with some of the grape hyacinths in our yard this spring. She was fascinated by the little flowers and eventually picked every single one when I wasn't looking. That girl is full of mischief!

Thought I'd also share one of our favorite kiddie fashion tips. Denim jackets! We love 'em! Couldn't live without them. They warm up any outfit in cooler weather and add the finishing touch to so many outfits. So cute with a little polo dress in the spring or with a turtleneck sweater, miniskirt and tights in the winter. Princess and Cha-Cha both wear theirs quite regularly. So versatile and cuter than just throwing on a windbreaker! One of the best kiddie clothing purchases I've made.

embellishment from September Sun by Laura Alpuche Designs

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