Friday, April 27, 2007

go plant a tree...

Today is Arbor Day in most states. I'm not a "tree hugger" but I do love trees and have oodles in my own yard.

We all know the wonderful things that trees do for us physically and aesthetically. What is spring without watching those tiny green buds turn into full-sized leaves? It happens practically before your eyes! How about summer without the delicious shade they offer? Or autumn without those amazing colors that make your heart skip a beat? And don't forget the stunning silhouette of bare trees in winter.

Here in New England we're blessed with an abundance of lush treescapes, but there's always room for more! Everywhere and everyone can benefit from the beauty and generosity of trees.

Did you know that you can join the National Arbor Day Foundation for $10 and receive 10 trees of your choosing plus other benefits? Go here for more information.

Happy Arbor Day!!

He who plants a tree plants hope. - Lucy Larcom

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