Sunday, March 18, 2007

serial cereal eater

What is it with the male of the species and cold cereal?

My son's first snack, breakfast, and impromptu meal of choice is cold cereal. Cheerios, Shredded Wheat, Life, Kashi... you name it, if he's hungry, he's got it ... with or without milk. Hence the cereal crumbs in my couch cushions.

Then there's my brother who, as a teenager, perpetually had a bowl of cereal at any given time throughout the day. He's now grown and gone but I'm sure if I asked his wife she would tell me that the habit has carried on.

My husband is not as much of a cereal abuser, but does enjoy a bowl quite a bit more often than I do.

Remember Seinfeld and his cereal collection? Wasn't he often eating a bowl at odd times?

Maybe I should pick up this habit, as I'm sure it's healthier than the chocolate I go looking for in hungry moments.

Do the men/boys in your life exhibit this penchant for cold cereal? Just curious...

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SHARA said...

I think boys love! cereal. I remember our brother "helping" to unload groceries-he brought the bag with the cereal in and sat down and ate.!! My boys enjoy cereal. for some reason it bothers me when they eat it so much but I guess it isn't that bad. I just want them to eat a fruit with it!