Wednesday, March 21, 2007

fun learning

Have you heard of these? We love learning mixed with fun... who doesn't? We bought the first set of these when Cha-Cha was a baby after a friend enthusiastically recommended them.

Now, we enthusiastically recommend them! Fun, catchy songs accompany basic American Sign Language lessons. My kids all really enjoy them, they span the toddler through early grade school ages very nicely.

It was wonderful when Cha-Cha (now 3 years) was a tiny toddler and could tell us when she wanted "more" or was "full." "Crackers," "milk," "ice cream," the list goes on... she could communicate simply with us before she could talk.

The older kids really get a kick out of us testing how many words they can sign. It is surprising how many they can... my husband and I regularly marvel over how many words we know, as well! It's kind of nice to be able to communicate (very basically) across a room or quietly in church. The alphabet volume number 5 is a must-have!

We have volumes 1 through 6 and now I'm looking at getting the newer volumes 7 through 9. Cha-Cha is asking to watch volume 3 right now... pizza, cheese, candy...definitely a favorite!

Check them out here.

PS The story behind the company is very inspirational. Her second daughter, Lucy's, story is especially beautiful.

PPS Signing Time can also be found on PBS now... check here to see if your station carries it!

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Anonymous said...

I saw a dvd from Bright Minds called "Signs of Intelligence Baby" doesn't even come close to these Signing time dvds. Signing time is so creative and bright, and really draws you in whether parent or child! Great recommendation! -L-