Friday, March 9, 2007

free coloring pages

Princess LOVES to color. She is endlessly coloring and asking for more to color. The internet is wonderful for this. We often just google the character of the moment's name and the words "coloring pages" (ie. strawberry shortcake "coloring pages") and print out the page of choice.

One site that I love for beautiful coloring pages is Jan Brett's website. She is an incredible illustrator and there are some really intricate and lovely pictures for coloring. She also has some new mural pieces to color. Fun and free! Happy coloring!!

PS There are also lots of cute educational activities and printables on her site. Check it out.

PPS Jmomm, if you're out there... she loves hedgehogs almost as much as you do! There is a super cute "I love my Dad" coloring page... perfect for your boys!

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