Thursday, March 8, 2007

card group

Hello, my name is "Laina Kay" and I'm a paper addict. I love paper and, of course, paper crafts (although I don't scrapbook, oddly enough)! A few years ago some friends and I started a "card group" as an outlet for our paper crafting addiction. There are ten of us and we meet once a month and each bring two handmade cards for each person. It's a fun chance to get together and socialize and none of us will ever need to buy a card at Hallmark again! Every month I come home with some seriously fabulous cards. It's fun to see what everyone does, I wish I could show them all to you!

Anyway, these are two of the cards that I made for the last exchange. The first one is a Valentine card. I sewed several hearts onto a coral-pink long pocket card. I printed "Happy Valentine's Day" in the same colors as the hearts onto a long piece of cardstock that slides into the pocket and finished it all off with a turquoise envelope. Here it is...

The second one is a blank pocket card. I made a pocket card out of some really cute, dual-sided cardstock from Chatterbox. I sewed the side edges and cut the front flap with scalloped scissors. For the insert I punched several coordinating flowers out of cardstock and wired beads to their centers, then I attached them to the insert and doodled a background to coordinate with the pocket paper. Here are two shots of the card...

Wow, it's harder than I thought to describe these things succinctly... and bear with me while I try to figure out how to photograph them. I'll try to put my cards on the blog every month so maybe I'll get better at showing them to you!

PS You can click on the pictures to view a larger image.

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Anonymous said...

Laina - we southerners are lovin' seeing the cards. Beautiful. Let us know when we can purchase these! :) -L-