Thursday, February 22, 2007

the boy's birthday

My son turned eight a couple weeks ago. The Monster Trucks came to town two days before his birthday and he is fascinated by them. Birthday + Monster Jam in town = Monster Jam Birthday Party. So fun... for eight-year old boys! He invited a few friends, we got tickets to the Pit Party and the show. My husband and I spent the afternoon "Monster Jammin'" with four eight-year olds!

Monster Truck shows... interesting. A bit tamer than I had imagined. The motorcross guys were pretty impressive. We got autographs and pictures with the drivers, we ate lots of junky food, we wore earplugs... what more could you want? The boys had a great time... and I think I've checked that off my list of things to do in life. My first and last Monster Truck show, but the boy is happy!

I did get to stretch my creative muscles making the favors. I decided t-shirts would be fun and it snowballed from there. They were going to be simple iron-on t-shirts... they ended up being silkscreened zip-up hoodies. A lot more work than I convinced myself they would be, but now I can silkscreen! They turned out a little rough because I overexposed the chemicals on the screen a bit. Hey, I was going for a vintage look anyway. Here's a picture of them in the goody bags. I'm officially a (very amateur) silkscreener...

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