Sunday, February 25, 2007

the boy loves hat day

The past two years The Boy's school has celebrated spirit days at various times throughout the year. The Boy does not get especially excited about most of these days (in fact, he hotly refused to participate in hippie day) but he loves hat day.

Last year he really wanted something silly and we decided that the best way to get a really silly hat would be to make one... so we did. We hashed out various ideas and came up with this bumblebee hat. Easy to make, we crafted a typical party-style cone hat, decorated it with dot stickers and attached a wire with a pom-pom bumblebee and black/yellow striped pipe cleaners. It turned out quite cute and no one in his class had anything like it. Fun!

This year he insisted that we must make his hat again. I protested since we had forgotten about hat day until the night before. He begged, he cajoled... he won and we extended bedtime that night to accomodate a speedy hat-crafting session. The Boy has always been enamored of goldfish and had just received one for Christmas, a goldfish hat was decided. We studied Squiggly, his real goldfish. We studied, Snugglefish, his beloved rubber-toy goldfish. We discussed shapes, fins, colors, sizes... lots of tape and scraps of paper later and we came up with this cute hat. He got lots of compliments and was thrilled.
I sense another hat-crafting session next year... probably with Princess, too!

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Anonymous said...

These hats are so cute! We'll have to use the idea for my daughter's hat day at school. Great ideas!